My First Syndication

Thus far I have found my Tweener piece on nine other sites, a few of them actual newspapers even. I suppose it is silly to be so proud of something as my ramblings about middle-age and peri-menopause being filler on news sites and blogs, but it is something I wrote and that someone thought was good enough to bother offering to the world at large for review.

A year ago I was only daydreaming about something like this and now it is a reality. And I just want more.

The job interview went well. It isn’t inconceivable that I will be offered the position. Regardless, I will turn it down. Not just because of the syndication. I am not a starry eyed girl. I know that this is small time. But seeing my piece up and spread out all over the country  has been fulfilling and exciting in a way that this part-time job will never be. I don’t want work like that anymore.

5 thoughts on “My First Syndication

  1. That’s great that you got a syndication! Very cool. And I love it that it gave you the confidence to say “no” to a job you weren’t thrilled with taking.

    Yeah, I wasn’t raised to turn down work just because it was routine and not a challenge. Amazing growth for me.

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