I Didn’t Know Sarah Palin Had a Twin

Michelle Bachmann is a Republican congresswoman from Minnesota and judging from this clip of Hardball with Chris Matthews, she is as much a master of the circular answer as V.P. nominee, Sarah Palin.


So let me recap, liberal equals leftist equals anti-American. Haven’t we been at this historic jump point before?


You can see the shock in Matthews face but where is the outrage?

Facism. Yep, that about sums up the Republicans and their message. The only thing missing from McCain rallies right now are white sheets. Voting on November 4 has never been more important and remember Rep. Bachmann when you do.

7 thoughts on “I Didn’t Know Sarah Palin Had a Twin

  1. I echo Cynthia’s comments. This post was the first I heard of Michelle Bachmann. Thanks for putting this information out there.

    Sadly she is probably not an anomaly.

  2. In just the past few days we have learned the
    following from the McCain campaign:
    –Women’s health is not important
    –Blood runs cold when you try to end a war
    –People who live in communities that are bigger
    than a bread basket are not patriotic Americans
    –People who live in most parts of Virginia need
    to get new driver’s licenses because they don’t
    live in the real Virginia
    –We should have our children aspire to be

    I can’t wait till this election is over, although
    the aftermath is now of concern–for this
    Liberal Virginian without a state

    It’s the aftermath that is scaring me more now. I wonder what kind of an America I will find on my next visit.

  3. Nice work! This happened just before I had to go offline for Shabbat and I couldn’t write about it; brooded all Friday night and Saturday. I’m so glad you did it – and with minimal comment that let her speak for herself. It was terrifying – and although I usually don’t enjoy Katrina Van den Heuvel I felt as troubled as she did by this. It’s a jungle out there. I just wrote a post that called this election “life and death” and I think that’s what it is. We can’t be complacent.

    I was only too happy to post this and I think letting people like this speak for themselves is the most effective way to deal with their misinformation and doublespeak. We live in troubling times.

    I liked your piece.

  4. Michelle Bachmann is a “Christian.” Why does religiousness always lead to fanaticism? I have no use for the organized regions of the world. ANY of them.

    Michele Bachmann is a nut but obviously a semi-literate one versed in how the game is played or she would be in Congress. At any moment I was expecting to hear her spout conspiracy theory -but that is what they will pull out of the bag come Nov. 5th after McCain loses.

    I read a Newsweek article that wondered what the minority reaction might be to an Obama loss, but now I think the true danger is the ignorant working poor whites and the politicos who ride their hatred to office. Expect them to react in less than stellar fashion. We are living in dangerous times. Who would have thought we’d see a great depression and the rise of fascism in our lifetime. Ah, those Chinese and their interesting times, eh?

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