I am Up at 50 Something Moms!

Okay, drumroll, my first piece is up at 50 Something Moms. My new contributing gig has begun! I would be very pleased and appreciative of anyone who has time to zip over, read and leave a comment there for me.

I quite like these plural blogs. Nothing rides completely on your singular shoulders and these days of late I have felt the full weight of aloneness in keeping this site up and fresh. Still, I love creative non-fiction too much to give it up. I told Rob the other day that the coolest job in the world has to be that of a columnist. I couldn’t imagine a more fun occupation. I think it probably even beats novelist because they have public appearances and travel to contend with. However, I didn’t think there was much of a lucrative living in it.

“Dave Barry did well for himself,” Rob reminded me.

“Yes, whoring out one’s personal life via your immediate family sells. Is that what you want me to do?”

“Um, no.”

Not that I don’t over-share. I do (note to Silverstar, it was Rob who wrote about the long underwear thing – I was merely a character in that anecdote) but I think selling your family for tv sitcom consumption is probably pushing the limits of the personal narrative envelope.

But the point of this blurb is to let my dear readers know that I am contributing today and on the 17th at 50 Something Moms and I would love your support. The writers there are REAL as in PUBLISHED and ACCOMPLISHED, and I am a bit nervous and very humbled..

2 thoughts on “I am Up at 50 Something Moms!

  1. Annie, I saw your excellent post at 50-S. I’m also just starting there and love the idea of writing to an audience in my age group. It’s so validating to read the other posts, too.

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