10 Ways I have Changed with Time

My friend Marsha at Breathings of the Heart subscribes to a blog by Dave Bruno’s.

She found him when she came upon on his “100 Thing Challenge.” He is the same guy who inspired my post on purging.  Anyway, she discovered a new post of his on the 10 ways that he has changed over time and decided to write one of her own.

I like the list so much that I decided to write one too. And it makes a nice change from all the death and dying talk of late. A person can only go to that well so often before it’s either – throw yourself in or fix the indoor plumbing.

  1. Once the mall was a weekend outing. Now I shop on line and only when I really need something and I find malls a bit overwhelming in a country mouse kind of way.
  2. Once I ran ten miles every day. Now, sadly, I can only walk several days a week and take yoga classes, but I am actually getting into better shape because the running was punishing in ways I wasn’t aware of at the time. Ah, the insulation of youth.
  3. Once I loved teaching and thought I could make a difference. Now, not so much.
  4. Once I used to fret and worry over what people thought of me. Now, a little less every day and that is progress.
  5. Once I watched a lot of television. Now I never watch to the point that I am puzzled by it when I do.
  6. Once I thought I would make a group of someones a great mom who would know all the right things to do. Now I know that there is no such thing as a great parent or such a thing as being born to parent. We do the best we can and kids do the rest. And it’s usually pretty good.
  7. Once I thought I wasn’t good enough to write for a living. Now I know that was crap.
  8. Once I thought that being thin would make me happy. Now I know it just makes me healthy.
  9. Once I hid from the world in books. Now I write books.
  10. Once I thought that if I could just hang on, have faith and work hard, I would be happy again someday. I was right.

6 thoughts on “10 Ways I have Changed with Time

  1. a lovely way to document growth! i, too, hate malls… more because so many have adopted “shopping as recreaction”, racking up debt they can’t afford. And item 10? Wonderful to be right on that one!

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