Updates and T-shirts are Friday’s Offerings

Sadly, my short story lost the Dazzle contest. I didn’t bother to go and check for the winner yesterday because I knew I was out of the running after TenMile entered and the gushing began so I lost interest. However he did not win either. A late entry took the prize.

I am used to losing contests, but I still find it a bit annoying. I am still polishing up my own story and hope to send it off to Apex although it needs to be a shade darker. The last story I read in Apex was about a refugee scrounger on a displaced persons ship in the overcrowded future where the hopeless sell themselves to the ultra wealthy who get their kicks stuffing them with chestnut dressing, cooking them alive and then eating them. When I said “dark” I meant “ever so”.

Grade one is going well.

Reno is proceeding. Rob’s new plan is to break down tasks into small components and do a bit of as many as he can between supper and dark (which is coming far too early now).

MidKid claims to be moving out this coming weekend. We’ll keep you posted.

And as for T-shirt Friday…..

Nurse Myra claims no ownership, so I think I will adopt it into my rotation stable along with the Monday Meme and the Thursday Song Lyric.

Remembering what Silverstar had to say on the subject, t-shirts must have histories. Not just stains either. Although stains can have histories.

Today’s t-shirt comes to us via the beginning of the LDR days that made up the bulk of my pre-marriage relationship with Rob. He developed a habit of bringing a t-shirt along with him to leave behind for me. He would wear it until it smelled just like him and after he left, I would wear it until it just stunk too much for me not to wash.

MidKid gave Rob the shirt. She worked in a liquor store and was always acquiring tee’s from different label promotions. Canadian is Molson’s flagship and most popular brand. It’s probably one of the better beers up here, but any Canadian will tell you that the worst Canadian beer is kilometers better than the best American one. Americans, in the opinion of most non-Americans, drink swill for beer.

Anyway, one day Rob inquired after the shirt and I told him I wore it to bed. Then I whipped open my little Macbook, took this photo and sent it to him. Since this is kind of like a love letter, I had Rob crop out the disheveled come hitherness.

So there is my t-shirt and its story. Feel free to join in. Link or track back if you do.

this is low res and tiny but it's the best I got

4 thoughts on “Updates and T-shirts are Friday’s Offerings

  1. do men sniff t-shirts as much as we women do? I keep stephen’s in a sealed bag and open it occasionally when I need a “hit”

    I didn’t keep anything of my late husband though he was in a nursing home for so long everything he owned smelled like that and not him. He didn’t even smell like him by the time he died.

  2. Ah, yes, scented T-shirts. Unfortunately, The Boyo borrowed one of my better T-shirts and then mixed concrete in it. He is in so much trouble. However, he has promised to take me to the Zoo Sunday (where I got the shirt) and buy me a new one. I might keep him.

    One of the sexiest tee’s Rob owns was ruined during the first cement pouring job. He was wearing it in one of the first photos we exchanged. It was a picture of he and MidKid and he looked amazing.

  3. Thank you for commenting at BabyCenter. I love the tee shirt idea – that they all have stories. I’ll have to check in again. Thank you!

    You are welcome and thank you for visiting.

  4. ah, the “scent memory”… very powerful force. i once stole a t-shirt from a companion… nice that Rob gave you “keepers!”

    I got two shirts as keepers from Rob. I don’t wear his clothes now though except for workshirts when I am painting or helping with the cement. I do love the way he smells.

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