T-Shirt Friday

My friend Nurse Myra over the Gimcrack has this little thing she calls T-shirt Friday and it takes place on the last Friday of the month in place of her Corset Friday. I have been toying with the idea of joining in and my husband prodded me a bit today by suggesting a shirt he had made for me as a gift during the LDR portion of our relationship.

Silverstar believes that tee’s should have a story. I agree.

Rob bought me the shirt as a bit of a play off one of our many risque email/IM dialogues. When you are connected only by technology foreplay is in the word – spoken or written.

He was a bit embarassed when he told the woman at the t shop what he wanted her to print on the shirt but I don’t think she blinked. I imagine people who create t-shirt’s for a living have seen much more than the rest of us in terms of content and creativity. Probably like tattoo artists in that respect.

So here is my tee for Myra’s Friday round-up:


Crew necks are so unflattering but the message is quite apt.

Crew necks are so unflattering but the message is quite apt.


Oh, and Happy Birthday once again Rob my love.

10 thoughts on “T-Shirt Friday

  1. It took a while to get the t-shirt made. Seems the shop was poorly stocked with the required letters.

    The only thing the clerk said about the text was, “Must be an inside joke, eh?”

  2. All my teachers certainly did it naked and sweaty with engineers. We complained, but, you know, it was the seventies.

  3. T-shirts can be great fun. My kids have given me my favorites. My oldest son gave me one that says “Harley Riders Vote Democrat.” It got a lot of attention at the grand opening of our local democratic office. And, yes, I sometimes ride along with my husband on his Harley Road King.

  4. So, as an engineer, i need to find myself a naked and sweaty teacher? Cool… i’ll add that to the list. i am currently trying to collect the whole set!

    Or a writer. Or both. And you might prefer they be men.

  5. Oh, cool. Glad you’re playing along. But could you write out what the shirt says? Your arms are obscuring a couple of the words.

    Teachers do it naked and sweaty with engineers.

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