Staying Up Late to Watch Bad Films

Despite vowing we would get more sleep this weekend, Rob and I were up until 1 AM watching the dvd, Running with Scissors. Did you know it was actually nominated for a Golden Globe? I can’t imagine why. It was a hodge-podge of quirky characters in what amounted to a montage of scenes that almost, but never quite, tells a whole story.

Note to self – the only reason to stay up late is love making. And on a further note, it is really the only truly good reason to get up early as well.

Being a geek, I was driven to google Augusten Burroughs to ascertain whether the novel he wrote was as crappy as the movie made from it. I discovered a blog, a Wikipedia page, and this YouTube video. All of which has convinced me that I need to finally work his novel into my reading rotation. I have a copy. My BFF gave it to me for my birthday two years ago, but I was never moved to read it. My own life was drama enough then. I didn’t care to know about someone else’s true life woe.

You might wonder why I bother to research and report on the author of a memoir that was a predictably shit movie, but I find writers quite interesting. I love to know about what brought them “to the show” so to speak. Where did their book come from? How do they feel about the process and what is that for them?

One of the entries in Burroughs’ blog discusses his response to being asked about fame. In his reply he notes that the death of his best friend and former partner has tempered it in a way I can relate to. It simply is not that big of a deal in the light of everything else. Much of his perception changed and he didn’t care as he once did. Funny how widowed crop up in my life sometimes.

Anyway, tomorrow be sure to drop by to read a short (very short) piece of fiction I wrote in answer to a writing prompt on the blog of one of my husband’s semi-regular readers. It’s not bad but I am going to beef it up and change a few things before trying to find a magazine to send it off to.

9 thoughts on “Staying Up Late to Watch Bad Films

  1. I agree – only good reason to stay up and
    get up early. And really the only good reason to stay awake after lunch, although work always tries to argue with that, LOL.

  2. I loved Running with Scissors and Dry. Strangely, I didn’t hate the movie though I did have to make a conscious decision to stop comparing it unfavourably to the book whilst watching it

  3. i have a love/hate relationship with his works. read “Side Effect” and was confused how he could publish at all. then read “Running with Scissors” and figured it out. guess we all can’t be consistent.

  4. Annie,
    We read the book in our book club and loved it. It sparked much conversation and is extremely well written. Then, when the movie came out, we all went to see it together. Quite frankly, I have seen very few movies that absolutely ruin a book like this one did—that is two hours I can never get back. I feel your pain.

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