This will sound strange, but I forgot my husband’s 27th wedding anniversary. Yes, that’s right. His wedding anniversary, not ours. Ours was last month. June 26th and it was our first.

Rob and Shelley were married in July. It was a hot day. He was hung-over from partying a bit too hardy the night before. The JP got lost and was late. And the band played the wrong song for the first dance. But overall it was a beautiful wedding.

I have been to the very spot where they wed. Met nearly all the principal players of the day. Seen the photos. Heard the stories. In some ways it has become a part of my history too. Not all that much different from the ancestors I claim on my dad’s side despite my being adopted and not really related to those people at all. Yet my Grandma Cox told me all the stories on those many Memorial Day jaunts around the various cemeteries around the Old Monastery where my Granddad and her family are laid to rest. Those stories connected me in the same way Rob connects me to his past and to Shelley with his stories.

All weirdness I am sure to anyone who is not widowed and remarried/recoupled but the way of it none the less.

Happy Anniversary then to Rob. It was a happy day that led to years and years more and should be remembered as such.

7 thoughts on “Belated

  1. Not strange at all…just one more reason why you and Rob are so good together. You totally ‘get’ it, respect one another and share each others joys and sorrows. I hope the day passed for Rob with fond memories, rather than sadness. And although I’m certain there was some sadness, I’m equally certain that having you by his side, helped ease that sadness in some way.

  2. I get it, and identify. Art and I remember all the significant dates. Wednesday was his and Sue’s 31st anniversary. We went out to eat to mark the occasion. People think we’re crazy.

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