It’s Hump Day – Hmmm and There’s NO Topic

But don’t blame me, Julie’s been busy. So per her request, I am asking that you link me some good blog (her too if you want or her instead of me if you prefer). Any good blog post you’ve written or read? Link it and share it with the world (okay, not the world. just the few souls who graciously bless this site with their time and attention).

Here is mine:

Soundtracking My Life

Where is yours?

7 thoughts on “It’s Hump Day – Hmmm and There’s NO Topic

  1. My goodness! What an assignment. Tougher than it looks.

    There are several blogs that I like to read because they make me laugh out loud. Most of the time I am looking to be entertained and these blogs don’t disappoint. But I can’t choose just one from among them.

    There are other blogs that I keep up on and many of those bloggers have written very good pieces at times. But again, how would one choose? Impossible.

    So, I guess I’ll have to paste a link to one of my own pieces. But which one? There are several that I like. I checked my all time viewed list to see which had garnered the most traffic. It turned out to be one about the high price of fuel. Not really a favourite, though. There were several others in my own “top ten” and I decided to settle on this one. Not only is it one of my favourite remembrances, but I included a link to a poignant memory posted by Uncle Keith, which in turn prompted this one by daisyfae.


  2. Over at ctyri’s space, there is this. Perhaps the best editorial on the ineffective democracy that is the United States at the moment, and how to live here – loving my country but disgusted with my government.

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