No More POTUS on My Blog: Sitting This One Out *Updated*

On the fourth of July I was listening to President Bush fumble through a speech to newly minted citizens at Monticello and Barack Obama pandering to the Veterans in Fargo courtesy of XM. John McCain took the day off and oddly I respected him for that decision.

But this week, as the Bush administration preemptively pardons itself from future war crime charges (which is just scary given all the things we DO know that they did that there is probably more and worse) and Barack Obama not only is going to vote in favor of the bill that allows this atrocity but also sanctions the constitution’s repeated trampling. But wait, it gets better. He has gone on record sucking up to those who willfully misinterpret the 2nd ammendment and the Right to Lifers, so I think I am done with politics and voting for the time being.

There is such a thing as voting one’s conscience and mine is done with voting the lesser evil because there is no such thing.

Once again the two people running for POTUS are doing it for themselves. Power and their personal legacies are all that matters. And both of them will be voting against the Constitution of our country today.

*Update** FISA passed in the Senate overwhelming with both Obama and McCain voting in favor and Clinton voting against it. Obama had campaigned for the Democratic nomination promising to fight any amnesty language in it. Apparently his promises are expedient. Good to know. Sen. Dodd, who pretty much derailed the bill last December on his own tried one more time to convince his fellow legislators to vote the bill down, reminding them that they were violating the separations of powers (something our founders were pretty adamant about) by interfering with the court system (there are existing lawsuits against the telecoms by people whose email and other communications were surrendered to the Bush administration without cause). Dodd reminded the American people that there is still hope the courts will overrule the legality of this bill, but being on the verge of a totalitarian government, as the U.S. seems to be (read Naomi Wolf), who knows? It’s a sad day, people. A very sad day.*


5 thoughts on “No More POTUS on My Blog: Sitting This One Out *Updated*

  1. I’m with you Annie. But at least you live in Canada now, where you can get rid of the buggers with a vote of “no confidence.” Shrub would have been gone ages ago under that system. Personally I tuned out on this election about six months ago when the campaign had already gone on for a year, and the Democratic primary was starting to sound like a game of “he said, she said.” Sad what this nation has come to. And yes Teddy Roosevelt was the last viable third-party candidate.

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