What John McCain Stands For Where Women are Concerned

Aside from the fact that McCain doesn’t feel that women are held back in the workplace by any that “taking a few classes to update our skill set” couldn’t fix, he is a troglodyte on family planning. Barefoot kitchen wenches warming up buns in the oven might be overstating his take on the best place for American women but he certainly is doing his part to make that a reality.


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4 thoughts on “What John McCain Stands For Where Women are Concerned

  1. Marsha, Obama is a total insider who has plotted his course to the presidential nomination very carefully. As with Bill Clinton, I have no illusions about Obama. He is not change at all. But McCain is an anachronism as far as domestic policy and women issues are concerned. I would have preferred Hillary Clinton because as well as she can play the game I don’t think she is in it for herself as much as the two guys we have to choose from. 4 years of Republican government is too depressing to think about. I vowed to stump for whoever the DEM was and it’s Obama. That means digging up gems like this one.

    Politics taints us all, don’t you think?

  2. OK my friend—
    I am soooo against ANY propaganda of any kind–this seems to hit a nerve with me. I am sure I can find a video for Obama that expounds his “universal health care” that would have us all waiting months and months for a simply MRI. Now, I HATE discussing politics because we could agree to disagree and simply go our separate ways, but I have to tell you as an American who has to vote in November–I feel totally screwed in the “good candidate” department. I have NO idea who I will vote for neither do I believe anything either candidate has to say. Having lived in Illinois for the last 28 years, the Chicago “machine” is one scary entity and yes Obama is a HUGE member–yet, McCain—ewwweee…. REALLY American–do these two represent the BEST America has to offer to lead this great nation—
    Perhaps I will move in with Annie and Rob—in Canada.

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