Road Tripping Thru Saskatchewan

Arrived in Battleford around 10 PM, Katy was exhausted but due to excitement and the lingering daylight had a hard time getting to sleep which was aggravating.

Rob was in the full throes of illness and is not a happy road tripper.

The room at the Gold Eagle was nice. A brand new hotel near a casino (which are literally everywhere up here) there was one problem. It’s a wood-frame structure so when people walk over head it has a ceiling fixture shaking effect.

At first I thought the people above had a small child who wouldn’t sleep but the thudding and running continued unabated the entire night. Even a call to the front desk didn’t help. In fact I think it made it worse for a while.

We finally turned on the fan for the a/c for a bit of white noise, but only Katy really slept deeply.

So, up for today is border crossing and a marathon to Minot. But thankfully it is a Holiday Inn Express, a little bit of sameness everywhere we go, and hey, perhaps I will be a novelist by Sunday given the inn’s ability to confer great career powers on all who stay over.

4 thoughts on “Road Tripping Thru Saskatchewan

  1. Ah, yes, I remember getting into Denver exhausted last year after a red-eye flight, only to have a dog across the hall barking it’s head off so we couldn’t take a nap. Since Friday rarely barks, ever, it was even more annoying.

  2. I recently stayed at pit-stop motel in Omaha, coming and going. It was the pits all right. Hope the rest of your trip goes better, and that Rob feels better soon.

  3. Don’t you hate motel nights like that? Andy and I once had three nights in a row like that, the guy upstairs was mentally ill and pounded the walls all night. The staff finally moved us after multiple complaints.

    I hope you sleep much better the rest of your trip. 🙂

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