Afternoon Delight

I was enough of a geeky 12 year old that despite merciless teasing from my peers, I loved the Starland Vocal Band’s song Afternoon Delight

I had no idea what the song meant and my ignorance was further compounded by the several conspiring facts:

1) Despite a fairly graphic knowledge of the bases thanks to my friend Laura Kloser whose older siblings talked too much and too loudly in front of her and an intensive scouring of every encyclopedia in my Catholic grade school, I still had no idea how the act of intercourse was performed. I knew where all the parts went but the mechanics were eluding my imagination.

2) I had not yet been introduced to Judy Blume or read the book Forever (which cleared up nothing by the way) which was  about a girl losing her virginity. 

3) I was not aware that people used poetic euphemisms when talking, writing or singing about sex. I was a product of my working class upbringing. Sex was dirty, forbidden and alluded to with sports terms or vulgarities. 

4) The one and only time I saw the band perform the song was during a bi-centennial variety show with fireworks in blasting in the background.

Can anyone blame me for taking the song literally?

WordPress has this great feature that lets a person know the search terms that are bringing potential new readers to your site. One might use this, I am supposing, to craft blog pieces that will generate more traffic. Except in some instances, I feel dirty that some of these people ended up on my blog in the first place, so why would I write something to lure them back?

The hubbies who felch their wives and the hamster voyeurs can look elsewhere with my blessings.

Aside from the YWBB curious and those still desperately seeking Lisa Parker, many people seem quite interested in information about middle-age, preferrably married, couples who not only have sex but find it “fun” and enjoyable.

So have I written that much about the joys of old married people sex? And if so, where are the offers for a book deal? 

I have to confess to a continuing amazement at the amazement of people who seem to think that we shrivel, petrify and turn in our humping licenses at 40 or 45 or 50 or whatever the new thirty is these days. 

The middle aged, married or single, still think about and long for sex – perferably with someone like-minded and fun to lounge around with afterwards. The majority enjoy it  too when they can get it. If they are getting it, do so as often as humanly possible (and you would be quite surprised how often and vigorous it can be).

Since I know that people searching out the secret world of middle-aged married people who still shag are looking for more than assurances, I will leave you with this:

And assure you that a good time was had by all.


4 thoughts on “Afternoon Delight

  1. Also a guilty pleasure of mine… The song, too!

    Even funnier? My troupe of crazy neighborhood girls would occasionally attempt the complex harmonies and vocal waterfalls. In retrospect, a gaggle of 10-12 year old girls singing this song without a clue regarding the meaning must have been hysterically funny to anyone overhearing our practice sessions!

  2. In the 6th grade, the book Forever was being passed around among the girls. It was in my possession when someone, probably my Language Arts teacher (a man), saw it. Suddenly I found myself being sent to the librarian (a woman) who explained to me that it was an inappropriate book for me to be reading, and that if it wasn’t mine, I should give it back to whomever it belonged to. Being a compliant little schoolgirl, I did, though I was pissed. I don’t think I ever did finish that book; if I did, I don’t remember. But it was my first experience with direct censorship. Considering that I was 12 at the time, and didn’t have sex for the first time until I was 19 (late compared to my peers), I don’t think it was that detrimental an influence on me.

  3. I remember ditching school with the current boyfriend of the week and hearing this song as we cruised around the county. By this point in my life, I knew what it was about.

    My “coming of age” song was Simon and Garfunkles Cecilia. I remember my best friend at the time telling me it was a nasty song about a girl who lets a guy, who is NOT her boyfriend in her bed. Now this to me was not nasty. Sleeping in a bed is innocent enough, but it was the WAY she told it to me, the hushed tones, the giggles, I KNEW it must be nasty. I just had to figure out what the nasty part was.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

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