Rearranging the Furniture

Just a little pre-spring cleaning in the form of a new blog lay-out and a tidying up of my links. I am not sure this will be my final pick for theme as I am not crazy about the color, but the lay-out is quite nice. I like having the links on the bottom.

Speaking of links, a pruning is in order. I am not sure the Widow Blog links will survive, so if you are using me as a way to store your favorite links I would suggest bookmarking them for yourself. A few will remain on my Blogs I Read, but the majority will go. I don’t see much by way of out-click traffic being generated and I myself don’t need them all. I am getting rid of widow resources entirely. Aside from my own archived posts, I feel I am moving in a direction that makes their presence here out of place. 

Another of my spring cleaning decisions is to keep only blog links that I read and comment on. This means deleting blogs from some of the other categories and adding a few new ones. When they reach a final draft, I think I will review them as well.

Finally, I am considering giving up 7 day a week blogging and just sticking with week days. It’s not as though this is a job and I am considering a writing option that is going to eat up a lot of my time and creative energy. I will discuss that in depth when I am ready to blog about my career, such as it is.

I hope you enjoy the new look and layout. Until the day comes that I have time (and inclination) to learn code, I have to rely on the ready made templates.

True housekeeping begins tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Rearranging the Furniture

  1. Well I like the new look, but I am pretty ADD when it comes to blog themes and find myself changing them frequently

  2. Heather – thanks. I saw your comment about wanting to build readership so when I review my new links I will make sure to talk about yours. Daily blogging is writing practice. I find it harder not to write even when things are hectic.

    Sally – thank you! Rob reminded me the other day that on our wedding day he told me I could be whatever I wanted to be. This would be so much harder to do without his unwaivering support and faith in me.

    Daisy – yes, I like the emphasis on the writing. It’s why I started blogging in the first place. A writer friend thinks I should start writing my memoir and all these posts would be a great help in getting started. Jog my memory.

    Stella – it’s not that complicated. Posts on top. Links down below. Stats on the side.

  3. i like it! more emphasis on your words! and i find that i just don’t have as much time to write on the weekends… so tend to post less… do what feels right!

  4. I haven’t told you recently how much I admire the moxie that makes you so determined to (and successful at) making writing your full-time gig. Good job!


  5. Like the new layout Annie! I don’t know how you have kept up daily blogging so long. I struggle to do about 5-6 a month!


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