Miley Cyrus? From Autobiography to Slutty Photos

Miley Cyrus is a 15 year old singer and actress who is making Uncle Walt and Mickey some of the easiest money since they began pimping the Disney Princesses for all they are worth. She is the star of a hit tweeny-bopper show on the Disney Channel, that coincidentally co-stars her Achy Breaky Dad, Billy Ray, as – surprise – her dad. Her fans cover the gamut of girls from preschool to high school and her recent tour sold out in something like a nano-second, I’ve read. Last week I was not surprised to hear that the reigning nice girl pop princess was offered a seven figure advance to write (herself probably – the kid is just that talented) an autobiography of her life. At fifteen. Sounds plausible to me. You? Okay, I think it might read something like this:

I was born to a one-ish hit wonder country star known for his mullet and tight jeans. By the time he’d played that song for all the money he could wring from it and his acting career on the WB panned out, I was finally old enough and miraculously blessed with a bit of talent myself (and most importantly wasn’t fat or facially challenged) to be pimped groomed for a career in the business.

or something like that.

Today my husband tells me that the acrid taste of presidential politics, with all it’s racial and gender slurring fun, has been displaced by a scandal involving the next Britney Spears tweener cross over to female singer/actor/writing star – our own sweet, innocent Miley. It happens. Annie Leibowitz is a camera toting siren that has led many a celebrity into the twisted world of art cleverly disguised as slutty photos to help prevent the middle class from infiltrating the the ranks of the nouveau hipsters. She’s just a kid despite her talent and fame and money and stage parents and predictable future as a deeply troubled and in need of many, many years of therapy. It happens to a lot of very young celebrities only a generation or two out of the trailer park.

And the pictures? Run of the mill pseudo-suggestive. The kind any parent could order up at the JCPenney Photo Studio. I have seen the ad:

Bring the kid and too old for them attire and we point, click and photoshop. Pictures with inappropriately dressed father (or mom/son) are entirely optional. REALLY. No pressure from us at all.

Miley Cyrus is probably a nice kid. Her folks are probably good parents. The photos are, inappropriate, but not much more so than the senior photos I saw during my last two years as a high school teacher. The big question is why? When so many teen stars implode at ever younger ages, why would you take the chance with your daughter? She’s fifteen. There is time for the adult career when she is an adult and if she is truly talented, she will make it. Why push? Why risk her reputation and yours as a good parent?

6 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus? From Autobiography to Slutty Photos

  1. if Annie Lebowitz wanted to photograph my 15 year old daughter i’d be honored. She’s an incredible photographer! But you can bet your mother hormones that i’d stick around to watch the process… The shots certainly weren’t slutty (i see sluty teens at the mall) but inappropriate for sure…

  2. Hmmm, not slutty? Well, I am biased by years of teaching and watching the slow evolution of what is considered okay for young teens and children to wear slowly erode. Not that I have no memories of my younger sister running around the neighborhood at 12 in a halter top that was barely more than a triangular hankerchief and shorts that would make Daisy Duke look like a nun by comparison – but she didn’t wear that stuff to school and she didn’t pose for photos that adult men would use as compter wallpaper.

    The girl in the sheet with bed head and a come hither expression is pushing the line past break. But that is just me.

  3. I agree that the photos are inappropriate for a girl that age, but I think calling them “slutty” is probably overstating it. Sexualization of children is never a good thing. But apparently, if you get that stage-parent gene, and your kid starts bankrolling the whole family, good judgment slips.

  4. I couldn’t agree more. She does seem nice and sweet, and before this it seemed like her parents were semi-avoiding all the danger signs. Now I’m a little sacred.

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