Checking on Blogs

I added a blog link not long ago called A Blondie Moment. I found it on another blog I have linked here and found it interesting because the young woman was studying pole dancing. Yes, I know what you are thinking. Isn’t that just another way of saying “stripper”. Well, okay – maybe. And aren’t you against the sexual exploitation of women. Yes, I am – and you’re point is? Pole dancing is interesting to me the same way belly dancing is interesting. It is more than just sex. There is strength in it. These are not things you can do simply because you are female and can undress or dance. Rob and I saw a belly dancer at this little Greek restaurant over in Sherwood Park before my birthday last year. She was an amazing dancer. I can’t even begin to imagine how long it would take to develop that kind of muscle control. I started yoga at the beginning of the year and am only just now starting to feel flexible again. And I was flexible once back in my Tae Kwon Do/Kick Boxing days, but nothing near what a belly dancer can do and certainly not the kind of serious muscle tone, strength and agility of a pole dancer. Blondie’s blog is worth a peek. Another good one is Overheard Around New York, which are actual conversations that people in the Big Apple have had in earshot of others. If you are missing the 70’s at all, there is Diary of a 70’sTeen. The posts are short but usually there is some gem of yore to marvel over. And finally, if you are big baseball fan the season has begun and Gil Meche is all over it.

2 thoughts on “Checking on Blogs

  1. Pole dancing is an honorable profession. I put it up there with doctor or music teacher.

    Hey NurseMyra, I can think of some exercises that might help you with muscle tone.

  2. I did belly dancing as an exercise for about a year – it’s a huge workout! really should take it up again, blogging does nothing for my muscle tone

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