Back from Vacation


I am back from vacation as promised. I didn’t really go anywhere nor did I do much by way of organizing or creating a system for order in my life as I thought I would. Basically, I just took a week off. Which is okay. A person needs to do that every now and then. It’s not like blogging is a real job though I must admit I enjoy it more than any real job I have ever had and put more time and thought into it than Idid my last months teaching. Truthfully, I did accomplish quite a bit. My daughter is registered for kindergarten, ballet and is fully supplied, outfitted and raring to go. I tackled the immigration paperwork and have just the medical exam, photo id’s and photographic evidence of the “genuine” nature of my marriage to complete/collect. And in case you were taken aback by the “photographic evidence” part, let me assure you that while it is tempting to take the Canadian immigration authorities literally, I am not. The pictures are a collection of shots, some of which are here on this site, that simply depict our wedding, trips we have taken, and those ordinary celebrations and events in our lives that we all have.


We decided on a vehicle. The Chevy Equinox. Rob’s daughters didn’t exactly laugh at our choice but they did insinuate that it was a lame, middle-aged one. That’s okay too. I am middle-aged. In my mind this puts me beyond the need to be cool. I am above it, as I would tell my students. Most of the choices I make anymore are weighed from a viewpoint that puts little stock in being trendy and doesn’t see measuring myself against others as productive or healthy.












We celebrated Rob’s birthday. Katy and I threw him a little party complete with decorations and cake, and then later that evening Rob and I met the older girls for dinner in the city. We went to a new place. Tiny and, I guess, chic. The food was excellent and like most little hole in the wall places, the portions were not American-sized but rather took into account what a normal person can realistically fit into their tummies. While we were waiting for the girls to arrive, I noticed a couple just across from us who were obviously waiting for additional dining companions too. They were younger than Rob and I, maybe in their early thirties. Married because I noticed rings. And sitting next to each other with their backs to the wall as though they were two strangers waiting in a doctor’s office. Not touching, Not talking or even appearing to notice the other, but lost in some far away thoughts. I wondered how long they had been married and why she looked so angry and he seemed resigned. It was interesting to me. Rob’s hand was on my knee and our legs were touching from hip to knee, and even though we were both looking at the menu, I was fully aware of him and the look on his face indicated that his thoughts were about as far away as the menu on the table.


What else? We watched DVD’s. ElizabethTown and American Dreamz and kept the streak of movies with death as a theme or reality alive for another week. Rob made more progress on the back 

landing. We may actually have the new doors

 in soon. And, I got my hair done. Went to a

 salon/spa recommended by a new friend. The

 stylist was good but like most people here 

when they find out I am from the states, he 

had questions. His were political and I wonder 

what happens to Americans abroad when they 

are asked about our country’s politics and they 

haven’t any answer because the majority of my

 fellow Americans don’t think much beyond the 

sound bites they are fed. 


All in all it was a pretty good vacation, but it’s nice to get back to writing. Not that I didn’t write. I finished my first short story. It’s a tiny science fictionish piece that I started a couple of months ago. It still needs tweaking, but I have close to 3,000 words and I got a thumbs up from Jordan, so I am pretty proud of myself. I am like most writers in that I need to be read in order to be happy. I am not the Emily Dickinson type who writes only for herself. I am shameless in my need to be read.


So, back day early and hopefully still having an audience. 


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