The Women’s Locker Room

I’m not modest. No shock or even mild surprise there, eh?  Even when I was a fat teenager and awkward co-ed living in the dorm, I didn’t have a problem with nudity. Not really. When Will and I were first living together he asked me out of the blue one day if I ever put clothes on when I was inside the house. He was teasing me but only just. I don’t know if Rob is as taken aback by my clothing optional ways once the wee one is tucked in for the night but given the fact that the neighbors once had to ask his late wife, Shelley, to talk to him about the possibility of adding a towel or robe to his early morning attire, I highly doubt it.


The one place where one would think that au naturel would not be a problem is the changing room at the gym or the swimming pool, and maybe it is just a Canadian thing, but I have never been so weirded out by women’s reactions to my changing into and out of my running clothes. I embarrassed some woman again today at the DCC fitness center. I was about half dressed after showering when she rounded the corner of the locker bay and seeing me topless, did a half retreat, stuffed her jacket hurriedly into the closest locker and fled. This isn’t the first time I have gotten strange looks for changing in a changing room either. It’s happened several times. Always with much younger women. Even at the town’s public pool, I noticed that everyone changed in little cubicles that were most impractical for mothers with children due to their size and configuration. I asked Rob about this one night when his friend Chris was visiting and they both assured me that Canadian men at least, have no such problem with locker room nudity and neither knew of any cultural precedent for what I had experienced. Rob did mention to me later though that Shelley hadn’t any problem either with using a changing room for its assigned purpose but both his daughters made mad dashes for any privacy they could find when having to change in a public locker room. 


So, maybe it is a generational thing? That would be ironic. A generation of young women whose clothing is by design quite revealing, and not always in a flattering way, harbors a latent prudish streak. I guess that makes sense really. The chief complaint my female high school students had about P.E. class, which incidentally was the main reason so many of them failed, was that they wouldn’t dress out for class. Not because they were worried about getting sweaty or didn’t want to participate in the activities but because if they changed their clothes, someone would see them naked. Other female someones. Who would judge them. Negatively. Never mind that these were girls in clothing so tight and in some cases scanty that what they looked like was not really a mystery to anyone with even a half a mind to speculate about it.


Still, just another thing about Canada that I find perplexing. That and the fact that I have yet to walk into a washroom stall and find that the toilet seat hasn’t been liberally sprayed. 

One thought on “The Women’s Locker Room

  1. I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who’s comfortable with being nude in locker room’s. Actually, I’ve seen other women who are not uncomfortable with it either, but it’s still nice to see someone else talk about the hangups that some people have about.

    And you hit the nail on the head about the irony of young girls who wear the skimpiest of clothing having a problem with other females see them undressed in a locker room.

    There’s nothing sexual about showering and changing in a locker room, I mean that is what’s generally done in a locker room. It’s not like were looking at each other in there.

    I’ve seen girls at the gym wear thong bikinis in the pool where there are plenty of men around, but then hide in a dirty and disgusting toilet stall to change out of their bikini and back into their street clothes. I just don’t get that??? Call me crazy, I guess?

    But yeah, if it’s just other females in the locker room, and it is only females needless to say, then I find it a bit silly to be uncomfortable by being seen nude for a moment by other females. I guess some people just have silly hangups?

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