I love to watch the sky these days. Hard as it is to believe, it is different from the one I watched back in Iowa.

My daughter and I have always been cloud watchers. On the drive to and from her daycare every morning, she would invariably point out some interesting shaping of the clouds or a particularly beautiful coloring of the sky they were set against. She loved to catch the sun and moon in the sky together in the early morning or in the early winter dusk. “The sun is chasing the moon,” she would tell me and sometimes make up a story to explain why this was so.

I have seen the moon at noon here in Alberta. It happens often Rob tells me. And I still can’t get over how it appears that the sky is closer to the ground or the way the horizon and the sky seem to meet on a curve. In July it is barely dusk at ten in the evening and some nights it seems as though the sun is merely a night-light for the world, never really setting but glowing like the embers of fire in the distance.

The other night the sunset was so beautiful that both Rob and I had to run outside with our cameras to snap a few photos. The pinks, purples and oranges just have to be seen by the naked eye because the camera lens just cannot do them justice.

I love it here.

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