The Wedding Photographers

Rob found Peggy and David on the internet. They are local to the Jasper area and their website has photo spreads of many happy couples tying the knot at the various locales around there. What pulled him, and then me, to this particular duo were the mountain backdrops they used. We are both quite partial to the mountains.

They arrived just ahead of the  M.C and  began assessing the area. During the ceremony they took candid shots and were quite unobtrusive. After the group shots were finished, Peggy asked us if we were okay with leaving the chalet for a bit, just the two of us, to take a few shots at a wonderful location just down the road but first there were a few spots on the grounds where she would like to pose us. So, off we went and I should have slipped on my hiking boots before we did. Marriage Alberta mountain style means climbing up and clambering down rocks and steep embankments for the perfect wedding photos.

Peggy had us laying on the ground and perched against trees. We slid down a sandy embankment only to find that we still had a bit of rock climbing to do to reach the perfect spot out by the river. Rob offered to carry me out but I didn’t want him to lose his footing too. When we were finished though, he scooped me up without asking and carried me back much to Peggy’s delight.

The most memorable moment of the on site photos occurred when Peggy began to lead us towards the backyard of the chalet’s owners. She was nearly always talking and half turned around facing us while she was and she was nearly into the yard when we all froze and began strategically retreating while giving each other looks that said, “Who would like to tell her?”

I think it was Chris who saw the gentleman first but it didn’t take any of us long to realize that the man sunning himself yards off in the yard was nude. The owners of the chalet are German and according to Rob in Germany people don’t have any problems with nude sunbathing. While he was there on business he said it was not unusual to see people strip down and catch some natural vitamin D in the buff in the parks in the city. Peggy was a bit puzzled when she realized we were walking away until she turned and saw why. Later she explained that she would have had us just continue on but she was certain she knew the guy and didn’t want there to be awkwardness the next time they ran into each other. 

After we returned to the wedding site, Rob and I left the chalet grounds and followed Peggy and David to a spot further down the river which afforded a much expanded view of the mountain range and the river itself. Rob had brought along a half finished bottle of Riesling from the night before and glasses for a bit of private toasting which Peggy decided to include in the pictures. Several times she had already commented that I had found “a keeper” and the wine just reconfirmed her opinion.

More than once Rob and I had to be asked “um, could you stop kissing for a bit?” Catching us at it again as we waited for David to light the shots, Peggy proclaimed, “You two are the kissingest couple of 2007.” While we sat and had a bit of wine, trying to “look natural”, Rob looked me in the eyes and told me, “You can be anything you want to be.” He has told me this before. His faith in my writing ability and my dream of writing for a living has been unwavering. At that moment his statement seemed as much a promise as the vows we had just taken. I know that no matter what he won’t let me get discouraged or quit on this dream of mine. It is such a gift to have the love and support of someone who believes in you. I am truly lucky.

On the drive back to the chalet, Rob selected one of our songs from the iPod to play. It was the Flies “Got You Where I Want You”. It is one of three songs that we consider ours. We toasted again with wine and beer this time and he cranked the volume as we both love loud music blaring as we drive or ride. The sun was shining. My sexy as hell husband was looking quite dashing in his tux and I was riding shotgun. And all was truly right with the world.

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