More Packing

I am not packing as much as I am disposing of and giving things away at this point, and you would not believe how difficult it is to give things away. I am speaking of nice things too. The temptation to rent one of those giant dumpsters and toss everything into it that I don’t need grows stronger by the minute. But I just must man up and do this. No more procrastinating. No more whining. A week from today we will be hooking up the moving trailer to the truck and heading for home. It’s been four years since Katy and I have had a real home and not just somewhere we lived.

This morning before I took her to the daycare that has been her second home since she was seven weeks old, Katy made the comment that Rob was eating his breakfast alone. It occurred to me that over this last weekend she finally had a real glimpse into what a family is. From the inside. She was so calm and content. And you know what? So was I. Even moreso than when Rob has been here with us. It’s such a wonderful feeling to know where you belong. To know you are loved and wanted and needed.

I need to get back to my boxes and totes. I can hear them calling from every room in the house. I have a very tired warhorse on his way here, and I want to greet him with less work than he is expecting. 

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