The Passport is in the Mail

We applied for passports, my daughter and I, over 12 weeks ago now. Mine came last week after an intervention staged by my Democratic Senator’s local office. My daughter is “processing”. I think that is a State Department code word for something that probably has nothing to do with actually processing my daughter’s passport. Both passports were expedited at the same time, but for some reason hers ended up in “limbo” which is another official State Department term that I don’t care to speculate on in print. I am not really certain what would hold up the passport of a four year old, but have no doubt that it is something very important. At least I am sure that if I could make my way past the automated phone system without being hung up on that is what I would be assured by those working night and day to ensure the safety of all U.S. citizens by insisting that all preschoolers traveling outside the country have their own passport. There are, after all, a considerable number of short Caucasian female terrorists lurking who might try to impersonate any small child who ventures across the border sans documents.


Well, maybe not. I am still a bit fuzzy on the rationale behind children needing passports. I just know that we both need them to fly to Edmonton. The nice young staffer at Harkin’s office assures me that if Katy’s hasn’t arrived by Thursday she will walk to New Orleans and pick it up personally for me. It’s a nice gesture but a bit impractical. And, it’s not her fault. As I understand it the passport offices are woefully understaffed ,and the demand for passports was grossly underestimated. Add that to the fact that the people taking the applications at post offices don’t have truly accurate information on turn around times, and you have people like me. Needing passports and not having them in hand. Flights being rescheduled. Money lost. Time lost. Frustration all the way around.


I was angrier last week than I am right now. If the passport does not arrive than we will simply wait another week before Rob arrives to help pack for the move to Alberta. I would rather fly up this weekend though. Meet Farron, who has been quite patient. See our new home. Spend another weekend as a family. A couple. I think that though we do an awesome job with the distance, it is time to live the day to day in the same place. We are both tired of the pillow people substitutes and ready to synch up.


Fingers crossed that the Fed Ex stops at my house tomorrow with something more than a blender. 

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