On Being Dramatic

Stage in Polish Theatre in Bielsko-Biała.

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I can be dramatic, and dramatically understated about it too. It stems from a passionate sense of fairness for the most part, an inability to understand why some people can be so deliberate in their contempt for others feelings and circumstances, and a need to fix things that might…possibly…border on the edges of being a tiny bit of a control freak. Hmmm….there is that ability to understate again. This is not to say that I don’t sometimes simply explode with impatience at the ways of a world that sometimes baffles me, but for the most part my Queen-like tendencies are more like the lioness than royalty.


My sweet fuzzy husband-to-be is more often bemused than amused by my “impatience”. He is usually quite good at reigning me in with humor and reason, and he is a good listener. He never tries to tell me what I think or to define my perception of things. Though sometimes I just “wanna be mad for a while”, it seems to me he doesn’t indulge that want for longer than I need. When I am ready, he is there to offer a cooler perspective. It’s nice to be read so well again.


The only regrets I have about my more pointed outbursts, aside from the fact that I had them in the first place, is that more often than not I am wasting effort. But it’s hard to ignore the challenge of a windmill, when it is begging to be slain. At least for me.



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