A New Blog

I have moved my blogging to a .mac account. I like to play with the features, even though they are a bit cheesy and what really matters is the writing. I guess marrying an engineer has geekified me. And it has corrupted him somewhat as well as he annouced the other night that he is considering “going Apple” with his next computer purchase. I am not sure why. He thinks the iTunes mp3 format is “stupid”, but I guess I should have seen this coming when he bought the iPod. iPods are just a gateway electronics. You think, “Oh it’s just an iPod. It’s not like I am abandoning real computer technology. Linux rules.” But, well…..Steve Jobs is one of Satan’s minions, luring us all with the ease and simplicity of functions and cool features that Windows users can only dream about. Before you know it, the iPod isn’t enough. You need a Powerbook and a .mac account. What would Dilbert do?

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