Bryce Canyon, Utah

Bryce Canyon view from the Queen's Garden trail

Image by Alaskan Dude via Flickr

The first edition of my blog lies abandoned and forgotten on MSN’s Spaces now. I began it in July of 2006 as a way to distract myself from the eruption of the dormant grief I had been too shell-shocked to experience in the early months following Will’s death that January. As time passed it became less a distraction and more a diary of my life, such as it was, and my poor attempt at sorting out my emotions and the events they generated.

At some point around the first anniversary of his death, I began to realize that my grief had changed. It was no longer flooding every corner of my existence. It was still there, popping up at times both expected and not-so, but I was able to weather these storms and come through faster and stronger. It was time to recognize that I was no longer in an active grief pattern.

That was some weeks, months actually, ago now. A lot has happened, but that is the way of life, isn’t it. You think it is passing you by when in reality it is sweeping you along.

Just like time, life will not stand still.

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