Had a Bad Day

Somedays no matter what your intentions or how hard you try there is nothing you can do to stop the irrevocable slide into self-destruct mode.

It is sometimes easy to see the day coming, but often it smacks you from out of the blue.

And interestingly, sometimes you set the timer on the bomb yourself.

It happens, for me anyway, when frustration crowds out sense. Sometimes razzing the countryside is the more satisfying option especially when you are facing one of those no-win scenarios that even James T. Kirk couldn’t have cheated his way past.

I just don’t have the patience to think things through or wait and see anymore. Even though I know nothing is ever as cut and dried as it seems, I want it to be and act accordingly. Being sick and dealing with a sick child for the second day in a row doesn’t improve the visual field much either.

So, I acted out….in total opposition to my daily horoscope…. and with intent.

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