your dream vacation

I am in the mountains as you read this. I am unplugged and writing on paper as God intended.  

We have a timeshare here. Makes us sound well-endowed, eh? But it is an Albertan thing that is far less glitteratti than it sounds. Still, it is a nice condo nestled in the more majestic part of the Rockies with hot springs and golf courses and trails galore (and a little like Arkansas because the locals live rustic and free ranging).

I have other get-away dreams. Dreams of spending a summer overlooking the Mississippi and whiling away the days in dinky B.C. mountain towns capturing the people and setting with words and a little bit of artistic license.

But enough about me. What about you. Impose whatever limitations on yourself you feel necessary or fling family, job and sense to the wind. 

In your mind’s eye, where are you and why?