Woody Guthrie Award

I don’t receive awards or nominations or anything much by way of bloggy recognition. Not weeping or whining, just stating the facts. But last week I was honored for, of all things, the political rants I bore most of my readers with on a too regular basis. It seems that someone out in the world wide ‘sphere appreciates my obsession with windmill tilting.


The only stipulation was to pass it on and link back, so here goes …

1) My husband Rob at Tome of the Unknown Blogger, and no, it’s not just because he is the best husband in the world. Spend a bit of time in his archives and you will uncover an exceptionally thoughtful and intelligent man.

2) Sharon of One Woman’s Life in Maine deserves a nod as well. To my way of thinking, she has insight to spare and isn’t afraid to share her searching and journeying.

3) Lora is relatively new to my blog reader and when I see she has posted at Fever, I leave her to last because I know I am going to need time to read and digest.

Technically the award is given to five bloggers, but I have only three to offer today.

Thank you again, Archie. I appreciate the honor.