What book character are you?

I stole this from Nathan Bradsford who stole it from someone else.

It is all the rage in authorland to have reader giveaways of character names. Novelists offer to name characters in upcoming works after the winners of their various contests. So the question today is what book do you wish you could inhabit?

For me, this is an easy one. I have always wished I could live inside Anne McCaffery’s Pern series. Sure, it’s a rustic existence on a rather inhospitable planet in some distant future, but the upside is dragons. Riding dragons with whom you share a telepathic bond and the ability to cross time and space in the flutter of an eyelash.

I can totally envision myself with aloft, battling the vicious thread with flamethrowers astride my golden dragon and being mistress of a weyr. I can also see Rob decked in leather and charging into the fray on a sturdy bronze, Weyrleader respected by all. 

Yep, I am geek like that.

What book would you live in? And don’t be wimpy with just title and author. Tell me who you’d be and what you see yourself doing.