Nothing people. For real.

I was scanning through my scheduled posts last night and realized I am live for the rest of the week. How the hell did that happen?

It’s not that I haven’t got thoughts about this and that running around like sugar crazed preschoolers in my head, but nothing that I particularly want to share. Yet. So, you will have to settle for the banal details of my life like:

– the stray tomcat who is marking our front door with foul emissions
– and MK’s cat who barfed on the front steps right after
– preparations for our trip into the cold, drizzly mountains so I can watch people eat and drink at a wedding
– my Twitter experiment which continues and convinces me more and more that I will never be popular if I have to be constantly amusing because I am not amusing. Oh, and lots of business types follow me. What’s up with that?
– Rob’s hair is falling out and from areas that are not his head which is where one would expect it to fall out. He is not worried. I am zooming ahead to worst case scenarios which is the difference between a Virgo and a Sagittarian.
– Conferences are upon us and BabyD can read. She just doesn’t expend too much of her budding Hannah Montana self on it however.
– I think the dog is coming with us to the mountains but thankfully not the cat
– My tummy is in turmoil again (which is always the best time to go on a road trip because the food/drink choices narrow to crackers and water for the most part).
– Winter is refusing to give up. 5 inches of snow on Sunday. I pulled my ribs out of alignment shoveling on Monday. At least that is what it felt like.
– Night Dogs is creeping along. Rob has tentatively agreed to my joint memoir idea which is cool because he actually saved his online stuff and I realize now that I remember things out of order and need the clarification.
– Workshop is set and the ad goes in the paper this Friday. With my name on it.

Okay, done. Move along. Nothing more to see here, folks.

Monday and Tuesday were a wash. I spent both days barely able to stand up for any length of time. I haven’t had a sinus infection like that in well over a year and probably would’ve avoided this one had it not been for the really humid weather over our trip and the repeated exposure to an equally sick husband.

Speaking of him, he is much better. At last. I was very worried last weekend as Rob never gets really sick. I was finally able to talk him into seeing our kindly Chinese doctor on Monday who promptly put him on an antibiotic. Which he took because he felt that awful.

Rob, and Midkid, have this thing about doctors and medication that I understand but not in the face of real illness. It’s ridiculous to not at least go and be seen after one has been sick enough to take to one’s bed for a day or more. Better to know what you are attempting to fight off with vitamins and herbal tea than to cough your lungs up in ignorance.

I didn’t feel better until Thursday and even then I was still dragging. Friday was the first day I didn’t feel like crap but I am still coughing a bit.

Rob’s mom, who we have been waiting on since last Saturday, finally showed up on Thursday afternoon. Pretty much announcing herself via the phone while she searched for a place to park on the street.

The visit was to be an unspecified number of days but ended abruptly at noon on Friday for reasons that neither of us really know other than the fact that it wasn’t personal. It was just MIL being MIL.

The upside is that between her perfume and MidKid’s the house was a bit more smelly than Rob and I can take and now we are back to just eau de MidKid.

Oh and we had the house to ourselves on Friday night.

Well, except for BabyDaughter but we have her trained.

MidKid went into the city for a “date”. With someone who is employed and might pass muster with Rob – should we ever meet him.

Did I mention we had the evening alone?

We did.

It was very, very nice.

So now it’s Saturday. BabyDaughter has gotten over her aversion to the new neighborhood kids (they are boys and she was miffed about that) because they have a trampoline and much better toys (read: newer) than she does.

“BigBrother has a Lightening McQueen car!” and then the tone became an accusation “It’s bigger than the one you got me.”

Welcome to the neighborhood. So glad to have you.

As long as this results in much playing outdoors for the next 7ish weeks, I can endure the insults.

Off to the beach soon to meet the older girls. ElderDaughter wanted to spend the day with us all. MidKid stayed over at her place last night. Hopefully, ElderDaughter will be able to get her sister up before noon. We have yet to see her before that without a summons.

Happy weekend to you all.