taking a break from blogging

Tag surfer. Totally recommend it.

Found this as I lay for a second day sick and mucousy and it spoke to me. Didn’t hurt that Damyanti had posted earlier that day on much the same thing.

I’ll be gone for the rest of the month – minimum – so aside from Monday Meme’s which are done through the month, and a few other posts I blogged ahead, I won’t post again until I’ve finished some writing projects.

Check your RSS. 

Hope to see you when I get back.

The summer is nearly over. Fall, ironically, is the time of new beginnings. At least for me. So, I have decided to take a week off from blogging. I apologize to those few of you who read regularly, but as the day approaches for my daughter to start back to school, I feel the need to formulate a new schedule. I have never been unemployed, even once, in my entire adult life. Actually, I haven’t been without  a job since I was 14, that’s nearly 30 years, and now that I have the opportunity to focus on things that are important like my husband, child, writing and just envisioning possibilities……well, it takes time to reflect on all of this. 


I’ll be back after Labour Day for those of you who are still around. Don’t forget to bookmark me though. I might be hard to find otherwise.