Scott Brown

Scott Brown, former Cosmo centerfold, is now the junior senator from Massachusetts, and more people should have seen this coming and took proper counter-measures, but like so much of what goes on in the lower 48 these days, the idea that the Republicans could have a credible chance to take Ted Kennedy’s still warm Senate seat never occurred to anyone.

Anyone but the people of Massachusetts.

After decades of Kennedy home rule, did no one stop to think that the people wanted change? And would take any change regardless of the form it took?

Brown is not change but for the fact that he isn’t a Democrat, and he effectively used the tools of fear-mongering and the idiot belief of the masses that tax cuts are the cure for everything.

Did you know that during WWII our parents and grandparents were taxed at rates that would make a Canadian gasp in horror? Say what you will about the seniors in the U.S. about their entitlement attitudes, but when the times were tough – they knew how to step up and sacrifice. Their children and grandchildren? Not so much. My peers on either side seem to think that entitlements are things that the lazy (and by lazy they really mean minorities) suck out of the paychecks of the hard-working, god-fearing middle class (why does everyone think they are middle-classed?) while ignoring the fact that tax cuts, Social Security and Medicare are the biggest entitlement programs going.

“We want big government out of our lives! That’s what the Founding Fathers intended!” is their rallying cry as they worship at the feet of Fox News.

But what they mean is “we want to keep our money because we are greedy, fat and need to be allowed to consume at obscene rates”.

They don’t seem to notice at all that the government is telling them where they can travel or whether they can use artificial means of birth control or how to raise their children or what they should think about their neighbors. As long as nothing stands between them and consumption, all is well with the world.

The world. People in the U.S. don’t notice at all that they are reviled by most of the world as glutinous god-freaks who have no concept of civil liberties or human rights and are a nation intent on forcing their anti-community ways on the world by force if necessary. They believe the rest of the world is being deluded by their governments while not realizing that people outside the U.S. have better access to news than they do. The media slants extreme right or extreme left, with the right being the loudest voice, in terms of news outlets in America. They are bombarded with agenda laden information masquerading as news all day long.

It’s depressing, as my friend Sarah commented on my Facebook feed. And I agree. I don’t know how intelligent people down there face the day knowing that each day is bringing a country, that they are essentially trapped in by accident of birth, to ruin.

Scott Brown will head to The Hill and help destroy the only hope millions of uninsured have. There won’t be health care reform in the U.S. and I want to be surprised, but I am not. Most of the adult population in my native land are narrow-minded bigots, and I should cut them some slack because they were raised to be the way they are. I taught public school long enough to know that most people are just too intellectually limited to fight the indoctrination.

When they write about yesterday’s election from a more rational point of view – decades from now – it will be seen as a watershed moment in the decline of a once great idea of democracy as the foundation for a nation.