problems with recycling

I am now a contributing blogger at Moms Speak Up which is a collaborative blog of writers from various backgrounds. We write about the environment, dangerous imports, health care issues, food safety, media and marketing as it affects us and our children, education, politics and any other hot topics of concern. We are more than writer/bloggers. We are women, parents, consumers, and most importantly – voters. The “business as usual” attitude of our politicians and the business world is not serving us or the generations who will follow us. We believe it is time for us to speak up and be heard!

My first piece is up today. It talks about the difficulty of being a recycler. My inspiration was Rob, who else? He wrote a piece on his own blog about the frustrations involved when trying to be a conscientious consumer in a world full of stupid people. Of perhaps just confused and worn out consumers like himself. Very hard to know the difference sometimes between the dim-witted and the merely defeated.

If you have a moment, click over and give my piece a read and then share you own thoughts on recycling. Good, bad and ugly, I would love to hear what you have to say.