Preston Manning

While Americans gear up to, hopefully, vote out the insurrectionist faction of their federal government, Canadians are in day upteenth of the mandatory inquiry of the use of the Emergency Act that cleared our capital city of coup loving squatters last winter.

Though not as dramatic as the January 6 assault on the U.S. Congress, the convoy of those who love freedom for themselves but not for others was a serious threat to our country for weeks. It rolled out into the provinces in the form of weekly truck parades for racists and anti-vaxxers. It blockaded at least two border crossings and included at least one fairly organized plot to assassinate RCMP officers in Alberta.

The inquiry into whether or not the federal government was correct in using the Emergency Act, which replaced the War Measures Act during the Mulroney era, is mandated by the act itself. Any government that deems it necessary must then allow an independent inquiry to ensure that it was.

The vast majority of Canadians (and nearly the whole of Ottawa, which bore the burnt of the occupation) will say “fuck yes it was necessary”. But there are still pockets of white nationalists and their anti-vaxx comrades who are still smarting from the general rebuke they received. Their plan to force the sitting government to resign and allow them to become dictators in their place wasn’t greeted with accolades and gratitude from those of us they want to rule over with a white nationalist fist.

The inquiry has been all manner of what the fucks. Police corruption and complicity. Provincial government abdication of authority and complicity. Bafflement that people as dumb and disorganized as the konvoy klan managed to last a day let alone weeks. Revelation after horrifying revelation, really.

Image and narrative damage for occupiers, however, is really killing their cause. So much so that Preston Manning emerged from the mothballs to announce they would be holding their own inquiry into the matter. A people’s inquiry. Of people. Real people. Not experts or journalists or people who think they are nutters. I’m sure this won’t be a circus.

It’ll be a circus. Probably a travelling one ferried from province to province by a parade of trucks.