Kick Ass

When I was in college, we had this game we played to wile away the time in the dishroom between onslaughts of discarded food, paper products and dishware. The rules were simple: out outrage each other by stringing together the most offensively vulgar collection of words or ideas that one could think of with the end goal being rendering opponents speechless through horror or laughter.

Laura was a master. She came up with the term “vaginal blood fart” to describe menstruation.

Yes, we were that immature but fortunately little parental money was being wasted in the pursuit of higher vulgarity as the majority of us were borrowing/working our way through school. There is some peace of mind in that, no?

But the word that none of us used was “cunt”, and it quickly became obvious that it was the stumbling point for everyone. No one could ever utter the word without blushing, stammering, breaking eye contact. Not even Scott and he was the vilest participant – hands down.

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