Jeffery Zaslow

I am reading The Girls from Ames by Jeffery Zaslow. A book blog I’ve reviewed for in the past contacted me because I am an Iowa girl too and the blogger thought I might have an insider take on this true story of friendship that has spanned forty years.

The women who make up the Ames girls are actually just a year older than I am. Most of what they recollect rings bells and I think I have a lot to say about it but not all at once.

I don’t have any friends who’ve known me my entire life. Friendships for me are often situational and those who do linger through time tend to do so in spurts. I have a small group of friends I am still in contact with – via Facebook now – that I met in high school. There is just one friend left from the middle school years and the farthest back I go with anyone who is not family are two guys I went to kindergarten with that I rediscovered on Facebook, but one of them unfriended me because I support same sex marriage. It’s kind of nonsensical because he unfriended me while remaining friends with our mutual kindergarten pal who happens to be gay. I don’t try to understand things like that.

The book covers quintessential growing up experiences for central Iowa that don’t necessarily translate for a tri-state river city kid like me. It also deals with the trials and tribulations of an in crowd, something I know from observation only. I resisted groups. Always hung on the edge and avoided opportunities to belong in cliques that could have been advantageous.

Here’s a clip:

I have more to say but wonder about your friends. Feel free to comment.