Internet Protocol

Stalking Tiger

Image by Martin_Heigan via Flickr

Occasionally, my stat counter puts up crazy one or two-day page view surges that indicate someone new – usually widowed – has stumbled across my blog and is reading nearly everything I ever wrote. Fine. The blog is hardly a “how to” on the subject of coping and certainly heretical in terms of my opinions on all topics death, but I am confident that these readers will figure that out and move on or not as their needs dictate.

But this week, someone is trolling my archives for all the posts I have written about my experiences and observations about the area where I live.

And the creepy thing is that this someone lives in a nearby town.

I know this because Rob installed a program that allows me to track IP addresses and general locations of the people who land here.

This individual is  quite specifically reading only posts about things that are happening or have happened locally and deliberately working back from the homepage to try to disguise his/her intentions. The tracker lets me know how long they spend on each post though, so I know which ones are being read and which are being skipped over.  I can’t help but wonder if something sinister is up because honestly, people who spend time and energy trying to figure out who and where you are probably are up to no good.

If I had a big readership, I wouldn’t notice at all. But my dear readers, you are a wonderful, though not particularly numerous, bunch. The person behind the IP gives off a malicious vibe, and the fact that he/she is back for a second day – jiggles my spidey senses.

A little detective work of my own is in order.