Friday Updates

I am still bone weary. I just do not bounce back from sleep deprivation. My body refuses to push the envelope anymore. It’s a direct result of years of getting by on 4 or 5 hours a night while carrying the weight of my small existence around on my back, stooped like a Chinese peasant tending rice paddies.

Since I know it can take weeks to get myself even again, I will have to modify my plans for the next three months a tiny bit. Yes, it’s the new quarter, and I am laying out the calendar.

April will see me finish Night Dogs. Thanks to Rob’s plot insight, I have plugged the gaping plot hole in a plausible manner and can now continue. Night Dogs will be the story I workshop in June when I have plans to take a course on revision at the U of A’s Women’s Writing Week. The revision class is the only one I found that was not fluff, and it bothers me a bit to support a program that equates women’s writing with “journaling” and poetry only but so be it. It’s the only game going and I need to take a class.

In May I will begin working on a novel whose idea came to me via a science article on Slashdot about solar flares and our planet’s scary dependence on electrical grids and gadgets. Rob listened while I outlined it as we drove and he answered my questions about what-ifs. He liked it. He is partial – to me – but if he thought the idea totally blew chunks, he would say so.

June is classes. Revision, drafting and the beginning of prodding Rob to write out his part of our story. The memoir is now a joint project. We will work on it over the summer with the idea that it might be a pitchable idea by the time I head to the Williamette Conference in August (where I am going to try to pitch Night Dogs for sure and hunt for an agent at least).

In the meantime, blogging is going to suffer, but I will continue – just not at my usual pace. I can’t say what my pace will be, but if you bookmark me or put me on your reader, you shouldn’t miss much.

If you are wondering about the trip, you can read about it here, here, here, and here – if you haven’t already.

Wednesday afternoon was spent unpacking, doing laundry and generally regaining our land legs. Slept in on Thursday  but as I mentioned, I am still whipped.

I finished up the presentation for the workshop on Saturday but I am not going to be practiced enough. Hopefully my teaching instincts will take over and all will be well.

Since I am too tired (I’ve mentioned that too much, I know), here are pictures from the trip to make up for the piteous Friday update.

Revelstoke Town Centre

Revelstoke Town Centre

Rob taking a photo of Mt. Robson

Rob taking a photo of Mt. Robson

If you are reading this from work – shame on you – but know that we are on our way to the Canadian Rockies as you are reading. Wedding goodness awaits near Revelstoke, if not actual good weather. Warmer than home certainly, but nothing to crow about.

I am, by and large, putting on my happy face – which is neutral to an extreme degree and content to sink back into the shadows and observe without attracting attention. The whole “in-laws of my husband’s late wife thing” is fraught with awkwardness. No one wants to be unpleasant to my face because they know I am not the cause for Shelley’s absence, and yet no one is thrilled to have me around because it highlights the sad reality of her death. I so dislike being thrust into this position and am trying to zen my way through it, but the fact remains that I am neither welcome nor unwelcome, and it continues to be not easy for me to try and exist without being obvious about it.

The publisher of the new newspaper start-up in The Park contacted me the other day. He’d initially declined to offer me any type of position when I queried him a couple of weeks ago, but apparently my Mac experience appeals to him now. An interesting development.

I finally got the copy of Jack Kilborn’s (aka J.A. Konrath’s) new horror novel, Afraid. It’s gruesome but compelling so far as I have read. I will have the review up sometime next week. J.A. only asked for 75 words. I will probably give him a few extra.

If you friended me on Facebook, you know that my sister, DNOS, has been very ill. Double pneumonia. We have been quite worried because there were several deaths locally attributed to pneumonia this past month. She is mending but good thought would be appreciated.

The tomcat is still peeing on our front door. I had to buy new rugs for the entryway. It’s foul and I would be in favor of relocating that cat to its final reward if that were possible. The other cat hasn’t puked again … in a location I have stumbled across anyway. We have no one to care for him while we are away, which is another reason why we decline to acquire a pet of our own – it would hinder our mobility, so we filled up the water and food bowl and are hoping for the best. Best would be the cat not eating until engorged and barfing all over the garage thus rendering itself near foodless (unless you count vomit, which it will eat) until we return. During the warmer months we had the girl next door check in on it and fill the bowls, but we can’t depend on the kindness of neighbors when the temps are still brutal and the snow is knee deep. Seriously, we really can’t impose on the neighbors anymore where animals are concerned. It’s went past the point of “neighborliness” a while ago.

Night Dogs slinks along.

Yoga is going well. I can almost do a headstand. I cannot do the chupacabra (or whatever that fingertip/tippytoe plank thing is called). If I could hold that pose for 12 minutes a day, I would never get sick again – eventually. Or so the yogis maintain.

So, okay. That’s it. Good weekend to you all.