Fourth Annual Bloggers (Silent) Poetry Reading on February 2nd

If you don’t know why I am doing this see Sunday’s blog post and then join me.


There are no answers

Except the ones already here

Rain drapes them like a haphazard cloak

Packed away with the winter woolens and forgotten like Mama’s ring and the China doll from before the war

Somewhere between the peonies and the irises, they bloom unseen

Lost like tomorrow’s yesterday

Dots in my history where stories should have taken root and grown.

“Limericks?” Rob asked when I mentioned this to him.

It’s courtesy of Alicia by way of Barbara at Surfside Serenity.

And though poetry month is not until April, Groundhog Day should by known for something other than Phil. Rules and regs to follow:

Fourth Annual!!

A Bloggers (Silent) Poetry Reading

Anytime February 2, 2009

Your blog (or here in the comments if you prefer).

Some poetry is warming. It cracks the ice in the heart of the Earth to remind her that spring is just around the corner. … or, if you live south of the equator, choose poetry to cool the heart of the Earth so as to remind her that fall is coming.

Select a poem you like — by a favorite poet or one of your own — to post February 2nd.

What else?
Feel free to pass this invitation to any and all bloggers.

See ya Monday then, hey?