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Time to update. If you were a Facebook friend, you would know I have been in various stages of flu relapse this last week. I am an impatient patient and tried to go back to my schedule of yoga and walking and working, and it didn’t work too well for me. So after I ended up back in bed Tuesday afternoon, I resigned myself to laying about and rehydrating for the rest of the week and giving it another try this coming Monday.

Not that I have been completely inert. I spent time surfing for information to set up the workshop I was asked to present next month. Yes, I was asked to give a workshop on writing for blogs and on the Internet in general. They are even going to pay me. How cool is that?

I also inquired about writing for a start up newspaper in The Park. A writer I met through the workshop series at our library is going into business for himself and I figured I had nothing to lose by approaching him. He isn’t hiring right now, but he didn’t say “no” outright either. 

My fiction is percolating. Sometimes that happens. I have a lot of images and ideas that just float around in my head like little pieces of a jigsaw which will eventually sort themselves into something coherent. There is a missing link in the mutant dogs story yet and I have this idea about zombies courtesy of Darc and cell phone jamming on the subway via UB that is seeping into my brain too. I also had a revelation or two about the memoir. Ack! Too much.

Despite my ambivalence, I am giving Twitter a try. I went to bed Wednesday night with 3 followers and woke up with 8 the next morning. One of them is an activist filmmaker in Brooklyn that has me totally puzzled, but how cool is that? Not very. Because everyone seems to be following hundreds or thousands of Twits, and I just don’t believe that is mentally or physically possible.

Let’s see. What else? Nothing. I have been housebound and/or bed bound. I am boring. Which is why I don’t think I will be tweeting long, so catch it while you can.