Deborah Siegel

I found this prayer on GWP and, oddly I suppose, liked it. 

“On Rosh Hashanah will be inscribed and on Yom Kippur will be sealed how many will pass from the earth and how many will be created; who will live and who will die; who will die at his predestined time and who before his time; who by water and who by fire, who by sword, who by beast, who by famine, who by thirst, who by storm, who by plague, who by strangulation, and who by stoning. Who will rest and who will wander, who will live in harmony and who will be harried, who will enjoy tranquility and who will suffer, who will be impoverished and who will be enriched, who will be degraded and who will be exalted.”

Not cheery but as Girl mentions, hopeful, in a way that I wonder if most people ever really understand. There is karma in the world and a method to the madness. Perhaps it is not a bad thing to take time out to acknowledge it.

I have never taken to the label of feminist. An interesting quirk because I know that most people would label me one with ease, but I found them and their message to be limited mainly to the elite. The women who lunched set or those who worked for self-enrichment as opposed to the paycheck for which I and most of the women I knew worked.

Feminism had too many sub-groups. It reminded me more of high school with the pretty girls versus the band girls versus the jockettes versus the home ec crowd. Forgive my stereo-typing, but we women haven’t quite got it together as far as working together for our own common good goes.

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