Chinese Zodiac

Monday marked the start of the Chinese New year with its representative the Ox taking center stage among the menagerie of critters who make up the Asian Zodiac.

Interesting both my husbands were born in the year of the Ox. Rob in 1961 and Will in 1973. There are twelve animal symbols and so each one represents every twelve years. In addition to the animals, years are elemental too: wood, metal, water and earth. And like the Greek Zodiac, the symbols have a ying-yang of attributes.

Despite my being a fire (Sagittarian) and a water (Rabbit) sign respectively, I have always found  earth and metal signs the most attractive. I must have a wild moon in my charts somewhere.

2009 is not all that surprisingly being billed as a tough room by economists, but the Oxen influence of grounded practicality is as good as any sign for hard times. We could use a bit of sense in all the financial nonsense that has prevailed over the last decade or so. But in the midst of doom and gloom, we Rabbits are predicted to have a good year as opposed to the mediocre year last year though not so great as our 2007 kick ass year.

If you follow the first link, you too can be privy to the secrets of your upcoming 2009.