Children’s television series


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The Children’s Television Workshop has always endeavoured  to be “relevant” in a pop culture sort of way. They also, apparently, use celebrities in a bid to lure parents to watch their shows with their children. It leads to conversation. Probably.

So the music video with Katy Perry and Elmo is in keeping with the whole “learning”  while “watching with mom and /or dad”. Though I’m guessing this is totally a dad lure.

Right thinking Mama Grizzlies all over the real America where patriots live found this whole girl-flash-in-the-pan-singer in a skimpy dress thing far too inappropriate for their tender pre-schoolers. The reality TV that mom and dad expose children to is far less risqué.

So, the epi was ditched.

Thus spake Moral America.

Despite the itsy-bitsy bit of fun-bag stuff going on, the thing that should have bothered parents missed them by a mile.

While it’s unclear if the parody of her own song was meant to teach kids directions or opposites or something about friendship, one that it does drive home is the fact that one day a little girl’s male friends are going to shun her and she will spend the rest of her life chasing after them.

There’s a message worth censoring.