Canada Day

Today marked Canada Day, the offspring of the old Dominion Days, here in the other part of America.

No, it’s not like the Fourth of July. Canadians acquired their independence quiet peacefully and not under the pretense of seeking democracy when they really are just peeved about paying taxes.

We attended the parade in Fort Saskatchewan. It started a half hour late and inexplicably broke down and stalled about midway for nearly ten minutes.

Favorite float?

The Paranormal Explorers from Edmonton.

Why yes, that is a hearse with a ghoulie crawling towards the crowd with gaping jaw and menacing intent. But it got even better.

Nothing says “happy observance of your independent nation status” like a zombie baby from Salem’s Lot.

Today’s parade was sponsored by so many businesses that briefly longed with the farm implement laden small town parades of an Iowa 4th of July.

In case you need a bit of ghost busting though,

Edmonton is a hotbed of psychic activity, but they will travel – for expenses.

Final photo for the day,

Parade viewing is exhausting, so if you can  – make up your truck bed and snuggle in with a beverage.

Happy Canada Day!

Dee believes that the celebration of Canadian confederation is called O Canada Day because she spent the last school year being indoctrinated into nationalism here with the singing of the national anthem every Monday morning. I suppose this is better than the nationalism she would have been brainwashed with back in the States with its emphasis on consumerism and multi-cultural disdain and media cult worship.

I have always been struck with the Canadian way of building up to a national holiday and the fervor of the day itself. I never saw anything like it in the States. We did not run around on the Fourth wishing one and other a “Happy Independence Day” the way Canadians great each other with “Happy Canada Day!” It’s almost like Christmas.

Of course, Canadians have real stat holidays that are more than vacations for the Post Office and bankers which undoubtedly plays into their enthusiasm, and it is the first holiday of the summer because summer here has really only just begun.

Today we are off to the parade in town and a festival on the town square, such as it is. Mom and Auntie are here and looking forward to their first Canada Day and first Fourth of July outside the U.S. We don’t commemorate the Fourth up here by the way. I know I say this a lot but Canadians really have little interest in the U.S. beyond television and movies. Really. Oh, and did you hear that soon culture will be the major export of the U.S.A? Also, really really. Rob heard it on Fox Radio, and they know.

Mom can’t get her mind around the reason for Canada Day.

“It’s like our Fourth of July, right?” she asked Rob.

“Um, no, we didn’t have to revolt for our independence,” he said. Hence the lack of pseudo explosions and the like. I do not miss the snap, crackly and pop of the Fourth. Every year I was certain one of my dim-witted neighbors was going to burn my house down with the illegal bounty they’d smuggled up from Missouri.*

Happy Canada Day to all and to all a good day.


*There are people in Missouri whose livelihoods are made in the weeks leading up to the Fourth as Iowans pour over the border in search of fireworks to blind themselves with while losing critical digits in the process.