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Yoga Class at a Gym

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… check out the yoga blog. I wrote about teaching my very own yoga class this last Saturday.

I am, rather unsurprisingly, at home in the teacher role though I recognize my newbie-ness. Teaching something new is a challenge and my innate ability only carries me so far.

Tonight I start restorative and I think that rehab, stress relief and just overall coaxing people into better habits, mindsets and onto the mat in general as a lifestyle is probably my yoga teacher calling.

Cat, my Yoga Works instructor, talked about how exhausting teaching could be. And it is. I was dog tired Saturday night, but I went to class yesterday afternoon and plan to attend the Sattva class that follows my restorative tonight.

If all goes according to plan (and nothing of the kind has happened for a good two months now so I am not holding my breath for this or anything), I will teach four classes a week and attend 5 yoga classes on my own.

Ambitious? Perhaps. But I have plans.

YOGA! July challenge

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I’ve been catching up on work today due to a near two-week bout with what turned out to be an infected tooth. What I thought was asthma and a possible sinus infection was actually an abscessed molar.

Two trips to the doctor, four blood tests, a chest x-ray, 2 ekg’s, three antibiotics and a four-hour stint in the ER on a Sunday night (worth its own post) later, I am back to the dentist in a few hours to begin the root canal.

Today, at least, I can sit up long enough to get a bit of backlogged work accomplished. Between Rob’s heart-attack, Mom’s visit and then this tooth thing, I’m woefully behind on the yoga – practice and preparation for teaching.

I need business cards and a new blog plus the time to prep for two classes. I should get the proof for the cards today or tomorrow. The blog is underway. But I still have a bit of reading to do for the RestorativeĀ  Yoga class and have to thumb through my Yoga Works notes for the Flow/Vinyasa class on Saturday.

On the business side of yoga, I received a call from the neighbor across the street about teaching a twice weekly class at the community hall. If it works out, I could be teaching four classes a week this fall session. Very exciting.

So, I have not abandoned ye. Once life settle into a “pattern” as Dee is fond of saying, blogging is on the schedule. Perhaps even daily again. I really need to work my word muscles again because I have aspirations that I might share at a later date.

Happy Yoga Month in the meantime.