Another of my pieces at 50 Something Moms will go into syndication the week of December 1st. I am pretty thrilled and slightly impressed with myself though goodness knows why. It’s not like anyone is paying me money and isn’t that how we are ultimately measured? 

Well, maybe not. I would like the opportunity to measure myself monetarily just a bit though where this whole writer gig thing is concerned. I keep hoping someone with the authority to say “Hey, come and write for us” will read me during one of these syndication opportunities because I haven’t any idea who to go to on my own – and believe me I would as I have no shame – or where there is a market for the kind of writer I am, at least on the Internet.

Writing is like real estate. It’s location and a bit of timing and a whole lot of salesmanship.

You can find my next syndicated piece here and my last offering here, if you haven’t caught it already. Let me know what you think!

In case you are interested, I had another piece at 50 Something Moms picked up for syndication in the upcoming week. I was thrilled but missed being able to tell Dad about it. He would have been so proud. As it is my family and extended family now know I am a blogger/writer and will no doubt be googling me, so I guess this was as good a week as any to have something for them to find.

The piece is called My Hollywood Wifestyle. Check it out and let me know what you think.