I don’t spend time wondering about the future I didn’t have with Will. Nor do I wonder much about the person he would be now. But I do sometimes see or hear or read things that I know he would have had an opinion about either positively or negatively.

He would have owned an iPhone, and I think he would have Tweeted too. I am positive of the first because the man had a cellphone addiction. I only ever got a cell in the first place because he nagged me into it.

Will upgraded his phone and switched plans to optimize features and get better coverage and rates all the time. He wasn’t much for the web but mostly because it required him to sit down. If he could have accessed it from his phone, he’d have been all over it like cheesecloth.

The only thing he did on line was play Fantasy Football. I was reminded that the season was starting up when I ran across a Facebook update pleading for FF assistance. A writer on the SVM network had signed up for her first ever season and was wondering what to do next.

I played FF for two years with a bunch of guys Will worked with in the warehouse. I was pretty good. I read the sports sites and Will would bring home the FF magazines from work (yes, there are publications devoted entirely to the play of a make-believe game). 

As I was reading today, I stumbled across an article on MSNBC about NFL players with Twitter feeds in training camp and one fellow with plans to tweet from the sidelines once the season starts. Will would have been beyond excited. Nothing drove him crazier than being away from the television on Sunday during football season. Since he was never physically parted from his phone, the tweeting and Internet access would have pleased him to his core.

Just a random thought track for Sunday.