Christmas 2008

My younger step-daughter protests the practice of consumer Christmases. Presents should spring from the generosity of the soul regardless of the day of the year, she says. And she punctuates her point with goats. Not because she is Wiccan, I don’t think Wicca is a goat based belief system, but because she doesn’t believe we should give gifts according to the tyranny of the calendar. Unless it is her birthday. I am that way about birthdays myself. I am less than thrilled with the goat thing.

She informed her dad recently that she would once again be making charitable donations in our names in lieu of presents and gifting us instead with proof of how our contributions have improved the lives of less fortunate people in other countries.

No, not people in the U.S. Other poor people who appreciate the advantages of goat ownership. I don’t think that it is bad enough in my homeland for suburbanites to consider converting their two and three car garages into mangers – yet. Read Full Article