But not here. I guess you could say I have been stepping out on my blog and dear readers Ă  la Tiger Woods except that I have told you that I am poly-blogging, so you went into this with wide open eyes. Please don’t reach for the 7 iron.

Two pieces up at 50 Something. One on marriage, or what constitutes a happy one, that I wrote after reading Weil’s book excerpt at the NYT’s and another on our adventures with the Balloon Man at the children’s Christmas party that Rob’s company hosts every year.

I’ve had three pieces up at Care2 (here, here and here) and even got a kudo from my editor despite my profound lack of journalistic ability. The job is a challenge for me. I like challenges, but I hate not being awesome at what I do. I think this is why I really need to be self-employed. It’s less stressful. My editor also informed me that the second piece on entertainment education provoked a fellow blogger there to request response time – “respectfully, of course” – which makes me shudder a bit. Bloggers are seldom all that subtle or respectful when they take an opposite view and “respectful” usually means that the blogger will not call you names or imply you are descended from cousins in a flaming sort of way but rather in the unmistakably subtle way that people with a flare for words have. Naturally, I can hardly wait to read it.

Ironically, I just left a comment on another blog about how I find posts that are merely excuses to link to other people’s work to be extremely lazy, but since I am linking to my own writing – I will give myself a big ole pass.