50 something Moms

I was a regular contributer on the blog, 50 something Moms, which was part of the SVM blogging network that was acquired by Technorati’s Women’s Channel. Here is a link to my archived my past posts.

3 thoughts on “50 something Moms

  1. In late June an article about my memoir; Broken Birds, The Story of My Momila appeared in The Huffington Post and as a result my ranking Amazon.com ranking jumped from 900,000 to 900. Since that time my book is now ranked 30th in my segment and has received over 81% of ratings of 4-5 stars.
    Broken Birds is the nitty gritty, raw truth story of a twelve-year-old girl (My mom), who outwits, outruns and outlasts the strongest army of the time: the Nazi war machine. Fate brings her to New York City, where opposites attract when a very war torn and pessimistic Channa finds true love in Nathan, a tall dark and very optimistic man who also survived the war. (And that’s only the first 70 pages).
    Their dance is set.
    They re-create a family, but Channa’s emotional foundation causes her to pass along wartime fears and trepidations to their five children and forces Nathan to constantly prove his allegiance to her. This fertile ground was ideal for perfecting submergence of feelings, hurts and a distorted view of love and family loyalties.
    When Mom unexpectedly dies her children must finally confront reality . . . and the bad blood begins. When the battle finally ends and the smoke clears we are all too aware of the illusion we all seemed to share.
    Broken Birds, illuminates the positives and the negatives that occur in life, love and family. The trials and tribulations of Channa and her family touch the reader and cause them to ponder their own family patterns, evaluation, dynamics and weaknesses. Is then up them to try to affect a change, while they still are able.
    May I send you a copy of the book in either book or ebook format?
    Sincerely, Jeannette Katzir

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